• M & L Gun Works  Inc 

Folks, we cannot fix your gun over the phone, nor can we give a fair estimate on repairs or anything.  WE MUST SEE THE FIREARM!!

Please respect our time and our experience, we will reciprocate to you.

Folks, if you call and get the answering machine please don't get offended or assume we are not here.  If other customers are in the shop or we are in the middle of doing something no one will answer the phone. During peak times, such as 2 weeks prior to deer season, we WILL NOT answer the phone.  Self explanatory!  The gunsmiths will NEVER answer the phone.  They get paid by the job, to work on your gun, not to answer sales calls and such!  Leave a message or call back at a later time.  Your call will be returned at OUR convenience.

M & L Gun Works INC

1446B Jade Road

Columbia MO 65201


FAX: 800.489.1704